Specialist in Spine & Joint Replacement Surgery

after surgery


Post-operative protocol

Cemented Total Hip Replacement

Day 1: Exercises in bed
Walking full weight bearing, hip, knee, ankle exercises

Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

Non wt. bearing walking for 3 weeks
PWB walking next 3 weeks
FWB 6 weeks after surgery

Which movements can be done or to be avoided?

Do: Walking, stair climbing / going down to staircase, driving, bicycle riding, dancing
Avoid: Jumping / jogging, sitting cross legged, and squatting.


What is the post–operative protocol?

Day 1: Knee, Ankle & Foot exercises
Day 2: Knee exercises, standing, walking
Day 3: Walking

Which activities are to be avoided / Can be done?

Avoid: jJumping, Running, Contact sports, Hiking

Can do: Walking, Climbing Staircase, Cycling, Driving car, games like Golf, Dance like ballroom dancing.

After Surgery

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